West Wickham Gardener

I offer a reasonably priced gardening service, and my mission is to make your garden a pleasure for you, and not a pain. If you do not have the time to look after your garden, or it's getting a bit much, just send for Paul and, in a few hours, you, and your neighbours, can be looking at something much nicer. Lawns cut, trees and shrubs pruned, weeds removed and plenty of ideas to improve your outdoor room! I love our beautiful suburb and West Wickham's wonderful people.

Running my palm across the grainy, hard stone that formed the base of a sundial, I watched as a sudden burst of late afternoon sunshine brought the dial to life. The band of shadow fell, correctly, just before the IV on the dial. Pressing my other hand on the smooth metal arm that cast the shadow I rested, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face. It's been a glorious Autumn. I wriggled my hand so that a huge arthritic image of my knuckles spread across the semi circle of numbers, and thought about time in the garden.