Lesbirel N

I have always been intrigued by how people live and how the decisions they make about their immediate surroundings can affect their lives, both on a practical and an emotional level. Listening to the client is key in my view, to understand how they live and how their space can best enhance their lives. My first career as a designer and buyer for the Conran Shop offered me the chance to explore this to a great extent but as the years went by, and as my love of gardening increased, I wanted to combine the two, which is what led to my change of career. Being a garden and landscape designer has allowed me to broaden the scope of these interests in every possible way and the thrill of seeing someone enjoying their new space never palls.

Nicola's smaller gardens rely upon a good strong bone structure that is then overlaid with abundant planting, softening the hard materials and bringing colour and life to the space.