Grassroots London Garden Design

However for many of us our gardens are a cause of consternation, and the space they offer isn't used to its potential. Plants that disappear shortly after being planted, or descend into a thatch of brittle sticks can be disheartening. Areas overrun with weeds, unruly shrubs and patchy lawns are all too common, because most people simply don't have the time or knowledge to care for their gardens.

There's no getting away from it, even the most minimally designed garden will need time spent on it. Nature abhors a vacuum and usually fills it with weeds. Shrubs grow beyond their allocated space, lawns get tired and compacted and leaves litter the borders. These problems can be controlled to some degree through careful planning, but all gardens need maintenance to thrive.

I am a graduate of Capel Manor College in North London, where I studied Garden Design and Planting.