Capital Gardens

We exist to help in the creation of lovely family gardens, either by us or anyone else, for everyone to enjoy be they owners, visitors, children, grandparents or even ill-behaved pets. Those that dig up lawns can keep us in work! The roots of Capital Gardens go back to 1981 when a landscape business was started in Battersea. This has now grown into London's leading independent gardening company with four garden centres, a website along with the original garden landscape and maintenance business.

Our garden centres are located at Alexandra Palace, Wandsworth and Berkhamsted. At the centres we strive continually to offer you a diverse and large collection of plants throughout the seasons, suited to our country's varied climate. Our website was launched in 2002, with a recent new and exciting re-design in spring 2014. Our aim is to help anyone who is looking for a comprehensive range of gardening goods find and obtain them easily on a user-friendly website.